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  • Audio Visual

CDs, DVDs, videotapes, records, audio books & large print editions of books (Specific AV materials are found in the appropriate category.)

  • Biography

Autobiographies, bio dictionaries, presidential/first ladies, some bio novels.

  • Business and Career Planning

Management/leadership skills, marketing, advertising, writing, graphic arts, publishing, investments, personal finance, career development, public speaking, communications, business self-help, work-related self-improvement.

  • Children's

Fiction & nonfiction, including sets, for children pre-reader – young adult; crafts, games, toys, etc; religion, scouts, Teaching Tools, classic & collectible.

  • Classics

Mythology, folklore, required reading, classic authors, Shakespeare, literary criticism & literary essays.

  • Computers

Texts, program design and languages, database, web topics, operating systems, graphics. 

  • Cookbooks

Hardcover/paperback cookbooks, pamphlets, holiday, Weight Watchers, guild, healthy, vegetarian, wine, cigars and magazines.

  • Dictionaries

All types of dictionaries, almanacs, thesauruses, books of quotations, word usage, crossword puzzle dictionaries, 1-volume encyclopedias, trivia.

  • Fiction 1965-2007

Older fiction at bargain prices.

  • Fiction 2008-2017

Fiction published from 2008 to 2017 (hardbacks & trade paperbacks), best sellers, Oprah, ethnic, inspirational romance.
  • Fine Arts

Art, architecture, interior design, photography, poetry, music, sheet music, theater, plays, performers, entertainment, celebrities, movies, radio, TV.

  • Foreign Language

All books completely or partially written in any foreign language, including texts, dictionaries, travel books, children's books; sign language; braille.

  • Health and Fitness

Nutrition and diet, fitness, exercise, alternative health care, drugs, first aid, substance abuse & 12-step, mental health for nonprofessionals, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, herbal, Eastern, chiropractic, homeopathic, home health, pain & stress management, women’s health issues.

  • History, War & Politics

World history, ancient & lost worlds, Western Civilization, American history, histories of cities, genealogy, political theory, spies, historic disasters, wars (WW I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Civil War), political bios, magazines.

  • House & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies

Interior decorating, landscaping, remodeling & repairs, entertaining, holidays, weddings, antiques, needlework, sewing, quilting, coins/stamp collecting, model trains, wood working, electronics.

  • Humor

Magazines and trade paperbacks, comic strip books, adult graphic novels.

  • Large Print and Books on Tape

Can be found in the Audio Visual category.

  • Paperbacks

Mass market (standard size) paperback suspense, mystery, science fiction, fiction, romance, romantic suspense, plus sets of books by popular authors.

  • Rare & Unusual

This separate, limited access area is found at the South end of the Exhibit Hall.

Books from all categories which are unusual, hard to find, autographed, unique, fragile, limited edition, leather-bound, very old or expensive.

  • Relationships, Self-Help, Ethnic Studies

Women’s/men’s studies, popular psychology, LGBTQ, self help, sex, erotica, family life, aging, grief, ethnic nonfiction & fiction, grooming & beauty.

  • Religion & Philosophy

All religions, philosophies, Bibles, Judaica, Masonic, meditation, astrology, New Age, parapsychology, occult, channeling, WICCA, secret societies.

  • Sciences & Nature

Space, astronomy, meteorology, anthropology, plants, birds, animals, natural history, ecology, geology, weather, oceans, archaeology, agriculture, non-text technical, pets.   

  • Sets

This separate, limited access area is found in the south end of the Exhibit Hall.

Complete and partial sets & odd volumes from literature, religion, & all other categories except children’s; Time Life; encyclopedias; and decorator sets.

  • Sports, Transportation & Games

Ball sports, winter & water sports, boxing/wrestling, golf, martial arts, marathon, body building, camping, hiking, hunting, weapons, fishing, autos, bicycles, motorcycles, auto racing, planes, trains, boats, board games, puzzles, magic, gambling, gaming, computer games.

  • Suspense & Science Fiction

Detective stories, science fiction, mysteries, fantasy, true crime, supernatural, UFO's, vampires, ghosts, magazines, nostalgia crime authors.

  • Text

This separate, limited access area is found in the south end of the Exhibit Hall.

High school & college including engineering, medicine, history, law, math, business, science, education, psychology, test preparation.

  • Travel

Maps, travel guides, travel books, atlases, tour books, adventure travel, exploration, Time-Life & National Geographic travel series.
  • Treasures

Vintage books/magazines, school yearbooks, blank journals, gift books, ephemera.

  • West

Fiction, non-fiction, scenic, nature, Indians of the Americas, AZ government  & business, AZ Highways, Western magazines.

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