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Donations - Items Accepted and Not-Accepted

For Home Pick Up please call 602-265-6805 or click HERE

  • All the books at the VNSA Used Book Sale have been donated by the public. Books and related items are donated by individuals, businesses, schools, libraries and other interested groups. Books are screened as they are received so that water damaged, excessively soiled, or torn books are not kept for the sale.  Whenever possible, VNSA donates books unsuitable for sale to other nonprofit organizations who may have a use for them.  VNSA is very grateful for the support of the community.  Receipts for donations are available.  Click HERE for a Receipt.

    Types of Items Accepted: paperback books, hardback books, DVDs, CDs, collectible VHS tapes (new tapes, series, or Disney VHS), audio books, maps, jigsaw puzzles, encyclopedias printed in the last 15 years and those printed before 1950, and limited magazines.  See list below.

  • Items not Accepted: Since donated books will be sold to others for use in their homes and schools, only new or gently used items AND older rare and unusual items can be accepted. VNSA does not accept damaged books, Readers Digest Condensed books, serial romance books such as Harlequin, library discards, cassette tapes (other than books on tape), or general magazines (including National Geographic).
  • VNSA does accept the following magazines

    americana (ALL)

    Gourmet (last 2 years)

    Architectural Digest (2004-2006)

    gun magazines (all years)

    Architectural Digest (2007-2009)

    history - Civil War only (ALL)

    architecture (ALL)

    hobby magazines (ALL)

    Arizona Highways (ALL)

    home repairs (ALL)

    Arizona Journal of History (ALL)

    hunting magazines (ALL)

    art magazines (ALL)

    Life (before 1960)

    automotive (ALL)

    Mad Magazine (ALL)

    Biography Magazine (ALL)

    Martha Stewart (ALL)

    boating (ALL)

    mining magazines (ALL)

    Bon Appétit (last 2 years)

    movie guide magazines (ALL)

    children’s magazines (ALL)

    National Lampoon (ALL)

    civil War magazines (ALL)

    Native Americans (ALL)

    comic books (ALL)

    old magazines (before 1960)

    computer magazines (current year)

    outdoor magazines (ALL)

    Consumer Reports (current year)

    Rifleman (ALL)

    cooking magazines (last 2 years)

    sailing (last 2 years)

    Country Living (last 2 years)

    sewing magazines (ALL)

    cowboy magazines (ALL)

    Sheet Music Magazine (ALL)

    craft magazines (ALL)

    Southern Living (last 2 years)

    Cuisine (last 2 years)

    Southwest Art (ALL)

    doll magazines (ALL)

    sports magazines (ALL)

    flying (all)

    train magazines (ALL)

    genealogy magazines (ALL)

    travel magazine (last 5 years)

    golf magazines (ALL)

     Verandah (last 2 years)

    We are unable to accept the following magazines

    American Heritage

    Outdoor Life

    Archeology (last 2 years)



    photography magazines


    poetry magazines

    Better Investing

    Popular Mechanics




    Readers Digest Large Print


    Rolling Stone

    entertainment magazines

    Science Fiction

    exercise magazines

    Scientific American


    Sky & telescope

    gardening magazines

    Smithsonian Magazine

    horse magazines

    weekly news magazines


    Yankee Magazine

    National Geographic


     The VNSA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization.                                                                                                            Copyright by Volunteer Non-Profit Service Association, July 2010

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