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VNSA has two convenient methods from which you can choose to set up an appointment for us to pick up your books at your home or place of work.  

1.  Call 602-265-6805 or
2.  E-mail us and Schedule a HOME PICK-UP.

Whether you call or email us, we will need answers to the following:

 1.  Name
 2.  Phone Number (daytime and evening numbers)
 3.  E-Mail Address (VNSA wishes to contact you for future donations and to invite you to our sale.)
 4.  Street address, City, and ZIP code
 5.  Number of boxes of books (We ask that your donation be boxed or bagged in sturdy bags at the time of the home pick-up.  If you are still putting together the donation, an estimate of the box count is fine (using a standard banker's storage box as the reference).  Your estimate helps us decide on vehicle size and the number of volunteers required.  Our pick-ups are made by our volunteers.  Your help in packing boxes that can be lifted by a single individual and easily carried to a vehicle is greatly appreciated.)
 6.  Main cross streets
 7.  Where exactly will you leave the books for us?

Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law and RECEIPTS are available Request a RECEIPT.

     The VNSA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization.                                                                                                            Copyright by Volunteer Non-Profit Service Association, July 2010

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