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The following is a sample of the Rare & Unusual books that were sold at the 2017 Book Sale. These books are not currently for sale. 


Cover to Cover
Michael Snow

Published by Nova Scotia College of Art and Design & New York University Press, Halifax, Canada and New York (1975)

Description:  A collection of black and white photographs by experimental filmmaker Michael Snow.  This is the legendary 1975 artist’s book that documents a short trip in a continuous sequence of images.  Uncommon.


Infinite Light
James Turrell

Published Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ (2001)

Description:  A beautiful folio in black hardcovers that open to reveal 4 pockets, each containing a booklet and color photos. In a slipcase.  James Turrell is an American artist concerned primarily with light and space. He is best known for his work in progress, Roden Crater, a natural cinder cone crater near Flagstaff, Arizona that he is turning into a massive naked-eye observatory.


The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow including the Complete Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with his later poems with a Biographical Sketch by Octavius B. Frothingham

The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow including the Complete Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with His Later Poems with a Biographical Sketch by Octavius B. Frothingham

 Published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston (1881, 1882, 1883)

Description:  Three-volume set.  Gilt tooling, marbled endpapers, steel engravings by various artists.  A nice set of the works of this prolific American poet.


Train Ride
Ted Berrigan

Published by Vehicle Editions, NY (1978)

Description:  Softcover issue limited to 1474 copies.  This copy is signed by Berrigan on the front free endpaper. Berrigan was a central figure in the second generation of the New York School of Poets.  The poem is dedicated to poet-artist Joe Brainard and is the author’s musings during a train ride in 1971.





Lilly May and Dan: Two Children of the South
Marel Brown

Published by Home Mission Board Southern Baptist Convention, Atlanta, Georgia (1946)

Description:  A rare little book, reportedly the first book illustrated by Lois Mailou Jones. She was an artist who painted and influenced others during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond during her long teaching and artistic career.


Lone Scouts of America (three volumes)

Published by Lone Scouts of America (circa 1918)

Description:  Book One: Tepee Lodge Book (First, Second and Third Degrees), Book Two: Totem Pole Lodge Book (Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Degrees) and Book Three: Sagamore Lodge (Seventh Degree) and Lone Scout Record Book.  The Lone Scouts of America was a separate scouting organization until it merged with the Boy Scouts of America in 1924.


Mr. Mixie Dough, the Baker Man
Vernon Grant (author and illustrator)

Published by Whitman Publishing Company, Racine (1934)

Descriptions:  Charming elf fairy tale. Great illustrations in bold colors from the creator of the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Kids (Snap, Crackle and Pop).


Where the Rainbow Ends
Clifford Mills

Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London (presumed 1910)

Description:  Ten mounted color plates including title page by Leo Bates plus many black and white drawings.  A fairy story by Mills based on a fairy play of the same name by Mills and John Ramsey.


A Collection From the Library of Thelma Gooch - Famous Children's Book Illustrator
Thelma Gooch was born in 1895 in Columbus, Ohio and died in 1973 in Scottsdale, AZ, spending time in Cleveland and New York.  After studying art, she began to sell freelance illustrations to book publishers.  During the 1920’s she developed a reputation for children’s book illustrations.  In 1960, Miss Gooch moved to Scottsdale to be near her brother and his family.  This collection of books was owned personally by Miss Gooch, and most were illustrated by her and contain her signature.

Signed books with dust jackets: (1) The Adventures of Elizabeth Ann and (2) The Linger-Nots and the Mystery House

Signed books with cover art inside: Doris Force at Locked Gates, Our Little Welsh CousinNancy Brandon EnthusiastAnn’s Sterling HeartMerilyn’s Senior DreamsMerilyn’s AdventureThe Blythe Girls: Margy’s Queer InheritanceRose’s Odd DiscoverySnowbound Camp, and Rose’s Hidden Talent.

A notable book from Thelma Gooch’s library: The Little Mother Goose illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith, 1918.

Plus eight other children’s books belonging to Gooch.



Cranford, A Tale
Mrs. Gaskell (Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell)

Published by MacMillan and Co., London (1923)

Description: Beautiful binding by the prestigious firm of Riviere and Sons.  A polychrome binding.  Leather has an impressed design which was then painted and sealed.


The History of Pendennis Two Volumes
William M. Thackery

Published by Bradbury and Evans, London (1848)

Description:  Many engraved plates. Leather.  Included is a letter to Thackery from a young fan and Thackery’s written response and signature.


The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer: Two Volume set
Alexander Pope (translator)

Published by Chester River Press. Chestertown, MD (2009)

Description: First Printing. Two volumes, 12 ” by 14 1/2” in dustwrappers.  Includes slipcase.  Introduction by Steven Shankman, art by Avery Lawrence.


Intruder in the Dust
William Faulkner

Published by Random House , NY (1948)

Description: Stated First Edition. Capitals on the title page in blue ink.  Price of $3.00 on front flap of dust jacket.  The novel is notable for its use of stream of consciousness style of narration.  It includes lengthy passages on the Southern memory of the Civil War.


My Mortal Enemy
Willa Cather

Published by Alfred A. Knopf, NY (1926)

Description:  Signed and Limited Edition (number 175 of 220 numbered copies).  Nice production on heavy paper. Includes slipcase.


The Yearling
Marjorie Rawlings

Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY (1939)

Description:  First Pulitzer Prize Edition with 14 color illustrations by N.C. Wyeth.  Charming colored endpapers.  Inscribed by the author October, 1940.


How to Trade in Stocks: The Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price 
Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Published by Investors’ Press, Palisades Park, NJ (1966)

Description:  Second edition, third printing. Preface by Paul Sarnoff. Livermore was a legendary stock trader who won and lost several fortunes.  This work has long been regarded as a classic in the field of investment literature.


Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion
Napoleon Hill and E. Harold Keown

Published by Hawthorn Books Inc., NY (1970)

Description: First edition, second printing.  $5.95 original price is present and unclipped on front flap of dust jacket.  Hill was an American author who was one of the earliest producers of personal-success literature.



Commentarii Ad Interpretario nem Tituli
Petro Barbosa Lusitano

Published in Ulyssipone (Lisbon) (1613)

Description:  Vellum-bound, 390 pages plus index.  First edition law book.


Curia Philipica Primero, y Segunda Tomo
Juan de Hevia Bolanos

Published by Herederos de la Viuda de Juan Garcia Infanzion, Madrid (1747)

Description: Vellum-bound, 512 pages plus index.  Landmark Spanish law book.


Cursus Ubi  Utiliores Teruntur Quaeftions S. Theologiae Ex Clara Divi Thomae Doctr. Fumptae

Description:  Volume 2 of a mysterious, unknown text regarding St. Thomas.  Beautiful and totally hand written, vellum-bound, 463 pages. Latin.


Goethe's Werkes
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Published by Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, Vorm. E. Hallberger, Stuttgart and Leipzig (1882)

Description: Five Volumes. Text in German. Heavily illustrated with beautiful engravings. Gilt on leather.


Lagrime in Morte de un Gatto
Domenico Balestrieri

Published by Nella Stamperia di Giuseppe Marelli, Milano (1741)

Description:  Collection of various verses in Italian, Latin, Greek and others. When it was published in 1741, it was the first collection of cat poems and is dedicated to the untimely death of a cat.


Memoires de Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
Jacques Casanova

Published byPaulin, Libraire-Edteur, Paris (1833-1837)

Description: 10 volumes. A rare edition of the memoirs of the famous Venetian libertine and writer. The book documents the literary life and costumes of the 18th century.


Platicas Doctrinales de Contricion, Confesion, y Satisfaccion, y dos Sermones de Penitencia
El Dr. D. Juan Anselmo del Moral y Castillo de Altra m,

Published: Puebla, en la Imprenta de D. Pedro de la Rosa (1792)

Description:  Vellum.  Castillo’s treatise on penance, repentance, and confession.  Plus two sermons.


Vocabulario Espanol, e Italiano
Lorenzo Franciosin Florentin

Published: En la Emprenta dela Reu. Camera Apostolica (1638)

Description: Segunda Parte. Vellum. 835 pages.




Back Home
Bill Mauldin

Published by William Sloane Associates. NY (1947)

Description:  Inscribed and signed by Mauldin with a hand-drawn cartoon of a man smoking.  The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist’s humorous account of returning home after World War II, illustrated with 200 cartoons.


Diary of Samuel Pepys: 18 Volumes
Samuel Pepys

Published by E.B. Hall and Associates, Boston (No published date)

Description:  Number 84 of 500 copies.  Edited by Henry B. Wheatley.  The detailed  private diary that Pepys kept from 1660 to 1669 is one of the most important primary sources for the English Restoration period, including accounts of great events such as the Great Plague, the Second Dutch War, and the Great Fire of London.


False Reconstruction: or, The Slavery That is Not Abolished
Thomas Chapman

Published in Saxonville, Mass (1876)

Description: A small pamphlet of 24 pages.



The History of Cuba: Vols. I-V
Willis Fletcher Johnson

Published by B. F. Buck & Co., NY (1920)

Description:  Complete five volume set. First edition.   Many plates and text illustrations.    


Moshe Dayan: Story of my life
Moshe Dayan

Published by William Morrow and Company, Inc., NY (1976)

Description: The book is inscribed by the author.  The photo is inscribed and dated by the author.  Dayan was Chief of Staff at the time of the 1956 Sinai campaign, then as Minister of Defense during the Six Day War and later the Yon Kippur War.  




Franklin Mint Family Bible
Published by Franklin Mint, Franklin Center, Pennsylvania (1974)

Description:  This beautiful bible has an ornate sculptured Sterling Silver cover.  The King James Version has over 1250 pages. It has a personalized page but the family record section has not been written in.  Silk endpapers and ribbon, and velvet lined box.


Hexapla in Leviticum: That Is, A Six-Fold Commentarie Upon the Third Booke of Moses, Called Leviticus
Printed by Aug. Matthewes, for Robert Milbourne, at the sign of the Greyhound in Pauls Church-yard (1631)




Twenty-First Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1889-1900
John Wesley Powell - Director

Published by the Government Printing Office, Washington (1903)

Description:  Administration Report, Hopi Katcinas Drawn by Native Artists by Jesse Walter Fewkes, and Iroquian Cosmology First Part by J.N.B. Hewitt.  Nice colored plates of Katcinas.


Bacchus Behave! The Lost Art of Polite Drinking
Alma Whitaker

Published by Frederick A. Stokes, NY (1933).

Description:  Third Printing.  A scarce mixology title. Interesting book about “how, when and why to serve civilized people with:  Cocktails, Gin, Liqueurs, Rum, Beer, Whisky, Brandy, Wines, Champagne, Punches and Cups.”



The New York Tribune – Civil War Era

Scientific American – many copies from the mid-1800’s to the early 1900’s

The American Machinist from the 1800’s

Harper’s Weekly from the late 1800’s

The Epic News, Upton Sinclair, editor

Public Ledger of Philadelphia - Civil War Era

Turf, Field and Farmer from 1894-1902

The Horseman – late 1800’s


The New Yorker 1837-1838

The London Times – 1863, containing excerpts from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Moore’s Rural New Yorker of 1851

The National Stockman and Farmer of 1889




Julius Caesar, The Taming of the Shrew, The Lady of the Lake, An Illustrated Shakespeare Birthday-Book, The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, various  small books printed by Tommasini, books by the Little Leather Library, Selected Tales of Guy de Maupassant, and many books in the Ten Cent Series.


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