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Audio/Visual Category

The Audio Visual category has some very rare and unusual items featured in the special AV section located within the Sets Category at the Book Sale.

  • A hard to find copy of “The Evil Dead 2” (Book of the Dead 2 Limited Edition)  with its gory cover, scary drawings and a DVD released in 1987.
  • For the TV Series fan, almost new “Highlander” Season Two on DVD in an eight-disc set and currently selling on Amazon for $99.99 plus shipping.
  • The Johnny Carson Collection Limited Video Edition including an Autographed Caricature (1962) by Al Hirschfeld and five near mint VHS tapes.
  • A rare Children’s classic “A New Wonderland” by Frank Baum. First edition, 1900, priceless.
  • For the late night listener “The World’s 100 Greatest Books” on 98 audio cassettes. Missing cassettes 1/2 and 5/6. Also includes two cleaning cartridges.
  • Rare 33-1/3 LPs of “Duran Duran” Rio in good condition and a new “The Grateful Dead” Dead Set shrink wrapped a well as “Bill Cosby Talks to Kids about Drugs,” 1971, shrink wrapped.
  • For the Beatle fans, we have the white Album #0201678 with two LPs and Abbey Road, Capitol Press – SO 383.
  • For the 45 oldie fans Sinatra singing “dedicated to you” and The Isley Brothers “Shout Part 1 and 2“.
  • Old time Radio fans can find 64 episodes on 32 cassettes of the “Have Gun, Will Travel” radio program from 1958-1960 starring John Dehner. This was one of the very few television-originated shows that successfully moved to radio. Another great find is our “Gunsmoke Collection” starring William Conrad in 122 original radio episodes on 61 cassettes.