What Will You Find in the Science and Nature Category

  • November 21, 2019
Mountain Ranges

The Science and Nature  category, like most VNSA Book Sale categories, further sorts books into subcategories: Astronomy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Plants, Birds and Animals, Natural History, Pets,
Technical Books, and Agriculture.

One of our Favorite Recommendations
One of the books in Science that we sell and that we recommend is “The Immortal Life of
Henrietta Lacks,” by Rebecca Skloot, published 2010, a  New York Times Best seller.

Henrietta Lacks who, in 1951, suffered from cervical cancer and sought help from
John Hopkins hospital, a charity hospital that treated black patients. Before her
radiation treatment, doctors removed her cervical cells without her consent and labelled them “Hela,” using the first two letters of her first and last name. Her cells continued to multiply rapidly, something researchers had been looking for. Her cells were shipped around the world to be used for research and have been bought and sold for billions of dollars. Her cells have been sent into space, have
helped with the polio vaccine, in vitro fertilization, the secrets of cancer, gene mapping, cloning,
and the effects of the atomic bomb.

This book explores experimentation on African Americans and the birth of bioethics.
Limited copies of this book which sells for $26 for a hardback and $16 for a softback sell at
VNSA for $5.00 hardback and $4.00 softback.