The 65th Annual VNSA Book Sale has been postponed until 2022. More information will be posted here once the 2022 dates are determined.

The 2022 Used Book Sale will be held at Arizona State Fairgrounds Ag Center building located at 1826 West McDowell Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona State Fairgrounds procedure for those who wish to line-up early for entrance (policy established by Fairgrounds in 2017):

Shoppers for the VNSA Used Book Sale may line up outside the Ag Center building beginning on the Friday before the Sale. The Fairgrounds charges a parking fee. A single individual may hold one spot for themselves and a partner for a total of 2 spots in line.  Empty chairs (or other items) do not save places for a group.  No line jumping is permitted. VNSA Volunteers will pass out two separate sets of entry numbers for Text or for Rare & Unusual that will permit first entry to each of those shopping areas.  

If you wish to avoid the wait, watch the VNSA Facebook page for updates on Saturday. The early morning line is usually clear shortly after noon on Saturday. The line on Sunday morning is usually very short.


These policies are established for the safety and comfort of all our shoppers. If you have specific questions or need information prior to the Book Sale please do not hesitate to email us. Please read the following policies carefully.

  • For information on payment options, please see Book Sale FAQ’s.
  • For everyone’s safety, we require shoppers to WALK at all times while in the building.
  • No weapons permitted. For safety, shoppers may be subject to search before entering the building.
  • Closed water bottles only; no other food or drink permitted in the shopping areas of the building.
  • Electronic scanners are permitted but books may not be scooped up and removed from tables.
  • To assure that everyone has access to the books, unattended boxes and carts will be resorted and restocked.
  • Rare & Unusual, Sets, and Text categories are separate category areas. Customers must leave all carts, wheeled containers and backpacks outside the category.  There will be space available for this purpose. Purchases from these categories must be made at the Rare & Unusual, Sets, and Text checkout.
  • All books leaving Rare & Unusual, Sets, and Text areas will be considered sold.

There are two options for shoppers purchasing texts:

  1. If you are purchasing a large amount of material, you may have textbooks moved to the Large Purchase Area in the Wesley Bolin Building for check out.
  2. If you are NOT purchasing large amounts of textbooks, we will add and bag your purchase in the Text area, then ask you to pay for textbooks at the combined Rare & Unusual, Sets, and Text check out.   If, upon exiting the combined checkout, you wish to continue shopping, please leave your purchased items in the North or South Holding areas.