Explore the Science category!

  • November 01, 2019
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Are you someone with a thirst for knowledge? The Science category is your place to shop at the VNSA Used Book Sale!

A wealth of information waits for you on the pages of the books in Science  which includes the subcategories of Agriculture, Anthropology; Archeology; Natural History; Pets with specific sections for Cats, Dogs, Horses, Other Pets (including every size from tarantulas and hamsters to boa constrictors); Plants, Birds and Animals; Science; Non-Text Math/Technical; and Space and Astronomy. We have multiple books on 100 Years of the National Geographic Magazine.

Take a stroll through the animal world, both wild and domestic, with books and reference guides on every possible subject. Learn more about the geography, weather, and landscape of our planet. Find books on fossils and dinosaurs in our Archaeology category while you are also turning the pages of some beautiful books on Egypt and King Tutankhamun. Pet lovers will find books on pet care and also favorite fiction books featuring the animals of our lives.

Have the best-trained dog on the block or learn how to live with your beloved cat. Lose yourself in the pages of “Secretariat” or “Seabiscuit,” or in viewing the beautiful pages of a photo reference book on Arabian horses.

Next stop is space, with books on planets, stars, astronomy, and space travel, and autobiographies of the astronauts of our generations. In the general science category, soak in the wisdom of the leading minds of the last century.

On average, the Science category prices books at 75% off the list price or lower, making this the most affordable fountain of knowledge that we have come across. Come on a great world adventure, expand your horizons and your book shelves, and shop in the Science category at the VNSA Used
Book Sale. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you!