• November 20, 2019
A person's hand lifting up another person's hand

The Relationship category is where you’ll find all the good self-help books, current and classic, by authors like Martha Beck, Steven Covey, and Robert Fulghum.  We also have several books on staying healthy and happy into your senior years.

The Parenting selection includes books that help moms and dads understand and nurture their kids, from newborns to independence.

You’ll also find an entire section of books on dating, marriage, and divorce, with helpful ideas on finding partners and all the consequences, from “happily ever after” to the trauma of loss.

Did you know that we also have an Erotica section including classic works, both fiction and non-fiction , on human sexuality, mostly illustrated.  We also carry a large choice of erotic novels by popular authors. For collectors, we have several boxes of Playboy magazines and other similar magazines, from the 1960’s through the 1990’s, at excellent prices. We even have a copy of the March 1990 Playboy, with a dapper young Donald Trump on the cover!

Merriam-Webster’s 2017 Word of the Year was “feminism,” one of the most searched terms. Check out our comprehensive collection of books on women’s issues.  This year we have a first edition of Margaret Sanger’s “My Fight for Birth Control” (1931), priced low because it has no dust jacket, but is still a fascinating and important topic. We also have small collections of books on men’s issues and on fashion, style and beauty,

Our LGBT section is always popular and carries both nonfiction (biographies, travel guides, history) and fiction from Radclyffe Hall to up-to-date novels by and about LGBT topics.

Our “This American Life” section has a large choice of fiction and nonfiction by authors like David Brooks and Jonathan Kozol. The 2018 sale will feature for the first time a celebration of Black History Month, with a special collection of fiction and nonfiction exploring the lives of African-American people from all over the USA.  There are also many books by famous African-American writers, from Richard Wright and James Baldwin to TaNehisi Coates.