2020 VNSA Used Book SaleBeneficiary: Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa CountyBeneficiary: Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

2020 VNSA Used Book Sale

Giving back to the community since 1957, we are proud to continue the story of the VNSA Used Book Sale.

The 64th Annual VNSA Book Sale will be held on February 8 and 9, 2020.

Thank you to all our patrons and volunteers for your support!

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Beneficiary: Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County

Advancing life skills for adults who want to learn to read

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Beneficiary: Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

Promoting the education, self-esteem, and enrichment of children in foster care in Arizona.

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Explore the Science category!

Are you someone with a thirst for knowledge? The Science category is your place to shop at the VNSA Used Book Sale! A wealth of information waits for you on the pages of the books in Science  which includes the subcategories of Agriculture, Anthropology; Archeology; Natural History; Pets with specific sections for Cats, Dogs, Horses,…

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Search AV and Sets for Rare Media Finds

The Audio Visual category has some very rare and unusual items featured in the special AV section located within the Sets Category at the Book Sale. A hard to find copy of “The Evil Dead 2” (Book of the Dead 2 Limited Edition)  with its gory cover, scary drawings and a DVD released in 1987….

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The Relationship category is where you’ll find all the good self-help books, current and classic, by authors like Martha Beck, Steven Covey, and Robert Fulghum.  We also have several books on staying healthy and happy into your senior years. The Parenting selection includes books that help moms and dads understand and nurture their kids, from…

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What Will You Find in the Science and Nature Category?

The Science and Nature  category, like most VNSA Book Sale categories, further sorts books into subcategories: Astronomy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Plants, Birds and Animals, Natural History, Pets, Technical Books, and Agriculture. One of our Favorite Recommendations One of the books in Science that we sell and that we recommend is “he Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,”…

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